Easter Eggs on Parade

The Green
Mar 29 - Apr 14, 2024

Event Details

Easter Eggs on Parade is a fun way for Charlotte SHOUT! to showcase local artists’ talent inspired by famous, bejeweled eggs. This year we will have 13 giant eggs – a baker’s dozen – at The Green. Each egg is designed by a local artist.

The Eggs

Black and Colorful

By Tina G. Vincent

My design is a celebration of the African woman with her perfect and flawless dark skin against the contrasting bright colors and textures. She is classy and proud and will stand out.


By Chris Georgalas

Inspired by the sculpture ‘Atlas’, by Lee Lawrie, currently located near Rockefeller Center. This is my interpretation using my own character holding the weight of the heavens on its shoulders.

A Way of Coming Back

By Lee Ko

My recent artwork aims to highlight the hidden beauty in materials that are often underappreciated. In a world with an abundance of resources, we may not always realize the extent of the waste we generate. The blossoms adorning this egg are carefully crafted from copper wires taken from discarded electrical cords found in our everyday lives—like those from a broken toaster, an old fan, a waffle maker, etc. I invite viewers to gaze at their own reflections on the mirrored surface and discover the enchanting beauty of metal flowers entwined with their image. Through this piece, I hope to provide an opportunity for contemplation about the materials we use daily and encourage awareness in their thoughtful utilization. Nothing is without value, and every object possesses its own unique purpose.

Heirloom Egg

By Laura Sexton

Traditional granny squares crocheted with plarn "yarn" made from plastic shopping bags) evoke handmade projects designed to be passed on to children and grandchildren. But instead of soft and comforting materials, the harsh disposable plastics represent the cruel reality we actually are leaving to future generations.  

Rather than tossing tons of single-use plastics, we must find ways to reduce our dependence on them, and a simple place to start is with reusable grocery bags. 


By Tina Alberni

This artwork serves as a social commentary, emphasizing that despite our differences, our shared humanity is the common thread that unites us. In a world marked by fragmentation through issues such as climate change, socioeconomic challenges, and political strife, communities and families are forced to disperse. To rebuild and thrive, it is crucial that we come together and support one another. Utilizing recycled and donated fabrics and fashion items, I aim to convey a message against contributing to the wastefulness of fast fashion and its detrimental impact on communities and the environment. This choice is a reflection on the need for repurposing and mending rather than perpetuating a throw-away culture. The fashion industry, a significant contributor to community displacement and environmental pollution, can be more responsibly addressed through thoughtful choices in material usage and a commitment to sustainable practices.”  

Download the free Artivive App to scan the marked "Scan Me" section and experience some augmented reality where I share a video of the making of the piece. Turn up the volume! 

The Good Luck Duck

By Chris Wilson & Yevgeniya Coston

Hatching new hope and good luck (if you pet our egg) to all people and visitors of Charlotte, this egg sculpture is a playful, postmodern statement on new beginnings. Its large scale, realism, and attention to detail makes it fun, original, and innovative. While the sculpture’s concept is symbolic of the artists’ (Yevgeniya Coston and Chris Wilson) relationship, its theme and presence have a universal appeal. Drawing on over forty years of combined professional experience, my fiancé and I have cultivated a loving, healthy relationship through our love of art. In turn, we hope to share our skills and passion, whereby the viewer can experience a fun engaging sculpture, both formally and conceptually.

A World of Beauty: The Voyage

By KA'Zen

In a beautiful Afrofuturistic world, the sky is adorned with vibrant hues of purple, gold, and indigo, creating a mesmerizing celestial display. , adorned with intricate patterns and designs inspired by African art and culture, reach towards the heavens. Advanced technology seamlessly integrates with nature, with lush green gardens. Electric vehicles glide silently through the streets, powered by  People dress in vibrant, futuristic fashion, embracing their African heritage while pushing the boundaries of style. Education is accessible to all, Afrofuturist art installations and sculptures grace public spaces, telling stories of resilience, empowerment, and cultural pride. focus on sustainable practices and community development. In this world, diversity is celebrated, and all voices are heard and valued. Afrofuturism is not just a concept but a way of life, where ancient wisdom and futuristic vision merge to create a harmonious and inspiring society.

Threads of Tradition

By Kortney Paloalto

This piece is a tribute to Kortney’s Mexican heritage and lineage. It is about embracing and celebrating your roots, recognizing the profound influence they have on shaping your identity and the unique perspectives they offer to the world. "Mírala, nunca se rindió" translates to, "Look at her, she never gave up" which is both a declaration of inner strength and a source of encouragement for herself and those that see this piece.

Incubation Village

By Jonathan Grauel

An egg is an incubator for growth, it provides a safe environment allowing a creature to become what it was designed to be. My artwork extends this concept, transforming the egg form into a bustling village, much like Charlotte. The piece contains multiple paths, bridges, towers, and abodes. These spaces of creativity and wonder are inhabited by figures exploring life together and growing to reach their potential.

Miso Hungry

By Callie Brewer

Both eggs and ramen have found their way into cuisines worldwide. A simple bowl of ramen can bring so much comfort at first glance. Miso Hungry is a perfect example of the simple pleasures of life in this bowl of ramen by it's vibrant colors and intricate details. This piece invites you to pause and savor all of life, reminding you of the universal warmth a bowl of ramen embodies.


By Gyal Gala

A tribute to the beloved 2000’s egg-shaped pet toy, sparking nostalgia for carefree days. Gyalgala celebrates shared memories through art, prompting reflection on the colorful and simplicity of childhood. This egg installation prompts a journey back to the joy of playing and caring for our cherished companions.

Welcome Spring

By Jagu Patel

My design shows people playing music to welcome spring. People are playing drums, guitar and Tarpa musical instruments to celebrate the new season. People are dancing to that music. The instruments are of Indian origin. The whole piece is done in the Warli style. 

Warli is one of the oldest forms of Indian folk art. It originates from the Warli region of Maharashtra and part of Gujarat. This tribal Art dates back to 10th century A.D., and makes use of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares to depict the life and beliefs of the Warli tribes. 

Plant Native

By Travis Arthur Johnson

Plant Native celebrates the vibrant beauty of our natural flora and encourages viewers to consider their choices when incorporating plants into their spaces.  As habitats are lost or sectioned off by development, it becomes increasingly harder for native and migratory species to find the food and shelter they need.  A popular example of this situation is the monarch butterfly.  Simple actions like planting native flowers such as the coneflower, butterfly weed, or bee balm not only bring beauty into landscapes but help create oasis spots to aid these species.  Being natives, these plants are also better suited to the climate of our area requiring less care and maintenance.  Planting native is an option that considers sustainability, conservation, and stewardship while sprucing up our outdoor spaces.

Venue Information

The Green

425 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

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