Easter Eggs on Parade

Allen Tate Family Frenzy at The Green
Mar 31 - Apr 16, 2023

Event Details

Easter Eggs on Parade is a fun way for Charlotte SHOUT! to showcase local artists’ talent inspired by famous, bejeweled eggs. This year we will have 13 giant eggs – a baker’s dozen – at The Green. Each egg is designed by a local artist.

The Eggs

Beautifully Broken

By Maria Napier

There’s beauty and meaning, even in broken pieces.  By using bright colors, deconstructed figures (giving the illusion of being broken in pieces but still together as a whole), and sharp contrast, I want to remind the viewer to take a step back and realize that small pieces can be beautiful individually and that even if “broken”, we are still part of a whole. One whole, constantly learning soul full of love, movement, and color. Through colorful and whimsical deconstructed illustrations, I communicate the need to think outside societal labels and end stigmas associated with mental health. I challenge the viewer to search for emotions that might feel conflicting or foreign to them. Even when it’s uncomfortable to talk about, our mental health is as important as our physical health and that recognition and awareness are the first steps toward healing.  Even if broken, you’re still beautiful.


By Samia Jaramillo

The name Flor-RECer is a play on words using the Spanish word for "blossom" and a shortened version of "recycle," which reflects the piece's theme of turning waste into something beautiful. This Easter Egg is adorned with an array of colorful flowers, all handcrafted from recycled plastic materials. Through this work, the artist aims to inspire viewers to embrace reducing, recycling and reusing. 

Peace to the World - Peace For All

By Angela Lubinecky

My design is simple even if the theme is not. It represents the many nations of the world, depicted by various colorful leaves growing from the same tree of humanity. The tree binds us and the birds perched on the branches symbolize peace among us. With war being wagged in so many parts of the world, I saw an opportunity to appeal for: Peace to the World. Peace for All.

Kolam Egg - Sacred Geometry

By Umayal Annamalai

This egg represents the sacred ritual art called Kolam. Kolam means Beauty in Tamil Language. It is traditionally drawn on the floor at the threshold of the house with rice flour as a sign of welcome to all beings everyday morning. It’s way of showing gratitude to Mother Nature and be one with all beings. It is a sacred geometry with dots and lines that represent our infinite nature and our infinite potential to become limitless, when we embody our oneness. Sometimes the designs are one continuous line that loops over itself, snaking to infinity. Intersecting into infinite figure eights, in a style known as pulli kolam. In this way it’s more than a transient art, they are a conscious science.

La Gran Cacao/The Great Cocoa

By Keudis Sanchez

History tells us that a big number of African people were taken from their lands forced to unplanned migration, to unknown places such as Venezuela, where they were forced to work on cocoa plantations. There was a time in which African descendants were called “Los Gran Cacao” back in Venezuela, as landowners with cocoa crops. Over the years, the use of this title changed and conceited or pompous people were identified as ”Gran Cacao” as a way of mucking them. Nowadays, many of the African descendants who reclaim and took their ancestors' lands are owners of the cocoa plantations and they are “Los Gran Cacao”.

This work is to honor those who are descendants of an unplanned migration, but who overcame the obstacles and progressed.

The Hair Cuticle

By Nadia Meadows

My egg is made out of natural braiding hair and twists, mounted on felt. The Crown represents the protection of your hair fragility. The texture represents hair Growth; vertical line patterns that display multiple paths to the top. Growth is an ode to the rapid growth of Charlotte. The phrase ‘GOOD HAIR’ urges viewers to question what good hair is to them, and have a conversation of what good hair means and why? I want to acknowledge the power of how oneself feels about their hair and the impact it has on you and your self-confidence.

Ryoko Spark

By Liz Cisneros

Ryoko Spark is inspired by a Japanese Dragon. There are different meanings depending on Kanji. The Ryoko dragon meaning “A woman who is like a dragon” and the name Ryoko meaning “Excellent Child”. Both meanings tied in perfectly with this Egg. 

Fabricating each scale using Textured Wall Panels, Spray Acrylics, and different materials to create a beautiful Dragon Egg.

My goal is to inspire young creatives, especially young girls of strong minds that they can make anything happen if they will it into existence. 


By Ian McCormick and William Baucom

Xyzzy (pronounced ziz-zie) is an interactive experience that invites you to engage your curiosity and sense of childlike wonder. The name is inspired by a cheat code from one of the earliest interactive adventure games, which shares lineage with the first Easter Egg in a video game. Echoing the ornate detail of classical Fabergé Eggs and styled as an arcade machine, Xyzzy captures some of Charlotte’s own hidden gems, or Easter Eggs, under its honeycomb matrix.

Celebrate Your Roots

By Julia Valle

Our heritage is important and should be celebrated. This painting serves as a cheerful reminder that our backgrounds, traditions, and languages matter because they are what make us so wonderfully unique! Like wildflowers, we're all different, but so beautiful when we're allowed the freedom to flourish and bloom. Be proud of who you are and where you come from (it's what makes you special!)

Hidden Gems

By Taryn Hare

My concept behind this piece was to create a larger-than-life crystal gem. I chose the Amethyst gemstone because this crystal represents peace and balance. It has the power to rid an environment of negative energy and transform that into a high frequency of love. I wanted my egg to be a symbol of peace and love in the city. I titled this piece Hidden Gems as a play on words. Highlighting the tradition of hiding Easter eggs and the resemblance the egg has to a gemstone. I want my piece to spark the same excitement and joy a child has spotting their first egg during a hunt.

Sprinkles with a Cherry On Top

By Katrina Sánchez

As the weather warms and flowers bloom there is new life around us. The egg can symbolize the circle of life, hope and luck, but if we look at its shape with another  perspective we can see even more. Like an ice cream cone! Universally enjoyed, we transformed the shape of the egg into something new by using the base shape of the egg and adding wood, foam, fibers, and paint to recreate the shape and texture. Combining different mediums to create the illusion of a sweet treat that will make you want to treat yourself - with sprinkles and a cherry on top. 

The Crown

By Neidy Perdomo

“The Crown” is not only an artistic representation of the Queen City, but a reminder of the greatness that lives within each of us, and that you have the power to create your own reality. I hope this piece challenges your perspective, it is up to you to make your life something beautiful.

Journey Connections

By Jodi Lynn

Who are you journeying through life with? Are you connected? Find yourself or someone you know in my colorful mixed media depiction of “Journey Connections”. 


Feeling connected, 

Jodi Lynn




Dec 2023