Michael Grant, a.k.a. KA’Zen, is a multidisciplinary artist born in New Jersey who produces high-quality, thought-provoking images that challenge viewers to think outside the box. A style I call Japofuturism - Afrofuturism with Japanese influences. I have been painting for 10 years; my work primarily consists of acrylic and spray paint. I also have experience in wood sculpting. My artwork has been featured in galleries, such as the Vander Plas Gallery in Manhattan, murals in Charlotte’s West End neighborhood, West Charlotte High School, Tuckasegee, and Elementary Advent Center, while also expanding to other states such as Tennessee and South Carolina. Being a self-taught, I have experienced the opportunity to work with multiple organizations from professional athletes from Charlotte FC

and North Carolina Courage, to local businesses and exhibitions, such as Camp North End, Charlotte Van Gogh art exhibit, CLT BOOM, Charlotte Symphony, Advent Coworking, Urban Outfitters, and more. Being a professional muralist has allowed me to be the storyteller for my community. I am business and non-profit owner who loves creating art and beautifying communities. Creating murals in communities has allowed me to work with community leaders and business owners which ultimately brings more awareness, imagination and innovation to the community while uplifting and sparking a change for the future which end results in positive enhanced community.