Chris was born in Bogota, Colombia before being adopted by an American family. From an early age, his parents encouraged and fostered his creativity, giving him the tools to experiment with sculpture and painting. He graduated from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY with a bachelor of fine arts degree. At Saint Rose he majored in sculpture and minored in Graphic Design. Georgalas completed his final term in Florence, Italy at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici studying sculpture and computer animation. After college, He lived in New York City for over fifteen years. The city's culture and energy can bee seen in his work. The famous CBGB’s 313 Gallery said of his work, “The artist has been influenced by illustration, comic books, graffiti art, and pop imagery. Georgalas has to be the next progression of a Duchampian ready-made aesthetic suited and amended for contemporary art.” The Times Herald Record wrote, “Transparent acrylic sheets, cartoon clippings, and raw splashes of paint…these are the ingredients that appear ripped from the pages of real life and transformed by Georgalas’ vision into objects of art. His work is homage to the anti-art movement of Marcel Duchamp…a wry humor whispers out of his renderings in ink, pencil and paint…” This style, although strikingly distinct, is the product of a wide range of influences and feelings for Chris. As he says, “Creating, whether it was sculpting or painting, has always been what calms me. It has been a creative escape. The drive to create often comes from the music I listen to at the time. Ideas have also been inspired by movies I’ve seen and experiences I’ve been through. The characters in my work often reflect something about me.”