Tina Alberni

Tina Alberni is a Charlotte-based visual artist. She holds a BS in art education with a concentration in printmaking.

Her work aesthetic blends expressive and graphic elements. Much like her years in printmaking, her process is intentional and rational, but her creative journey flows through intuition.

Her bi-cultural heritage and upbringing weave throughout the fabric of her art. She brings layers together using various techniques and materials to build her framework, and geometry, color, and symbolism fuse to complete a narrative.

Since the mid-90s she has been a business and gallery owner, an art educator and administrator, and a graphic designer. She has served on multiple boards and jury panels and is the recipient of multiple grants and awards. Her art has been featured, sold across the U.S and abroad, and been published in both print and online.

Currently, she is exploring textile assemblage, AI and augmented reality.


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