The Endless DayMaker

200 S Tryon Alleyway
Mar 31 - Apr 16, 2023

Event Details

The dazzle of colorful lights dancing in the contours of glass have the power to captivate and inspire. Its radiating curiosity pulls you in to connect with its texture. As you touch the glass, a loop is created between the ground and the sky. The energies of heaven, earth, and every color move through your body. Colors become brighter. That laughter feeling is louder. This closed circuit allows an endless revolution of joy. When you release, the flow falls away and you depart with your day being made.

The 12’ Endless DayMaker is a goal-version of its identical 13” cousin originally designed to hang in a window, catch direct sunlight, and cast colorful light into the room. The name “DayMaker” came about when TuxedoKat noticed a sense of joy building within her when gazing at the dazzle of the first DayMaker. “The spectrum of colors from the glass dancing in the DayMaker’s slow spin presents me with a moment of stillness. Looking at light through glass has always captivated my imagination.”

The steel structure is the work of Tyler Donia (14) and Ken Helms (80). The triangular panels are made of epoxy and crushed glass from vases, plates, and bottles collected from thrift stores, recycle bins, and trash cans. TuxedoKat has been developing this panel making process and working with recycled materials since 2008.

Medium: Steel, Epoxy, Recycled Glass



Sep 2023