Katlyn “Kat” Cornelius is ever evolving with the callings in her heart. Today she creates large-scale sculptures with recycled materials with a resume jumping to many genres under the “expressions” umbrella. Kat has always had a deep focus for figuring out how things work and using whatever was around to build what was in her imagination. She lives in Downtown Concord, NC working for her non-profit Fulltime Funkytown with her husband and close friend championing creative opportunities in and by her local community. 

TuxedoKat is a wife/husband duo combining careers of a creative entrepreneur and a professional estimator in the signage and construction industry. As Kat Cornelius focuses on project conceptualization, execution and marketing, David focuses on project management, estimation and installation. Together, the duo have created eight large sculptures featured on WBTV, Independent Tribune, Salisbury and Concord sculpture shows, Charlotte International Arts Festival (2022), Charlotte SHOUT (2022), Alchemy (local Burning Man festival), and within Southern Strain Brewery (Concord & Plaza Midwood). TuxedoKat also created the non-profit “Fulltime Funkytown” whose mission is to stimulate Concord’s art culture and launched the town’s first sculpture show in doing so.
The common thread between all of TuxedoKat’s sculptures is the opportunity for observers to participate. Behind the structure itself, the artistry is highlighting a material’s luminosity and texture, creating an environment that invites observers to draw close, touch, and play. The value of this participation is the potential to spark inspirations having the power to change minds and even entire communities.
The future of TuxedoKat looks like a series of large-scale sculptures that utilize daylight and programmable LEDs while celebrating the unconventional nature of the sculpture’s materials.

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