StrEAT Smarts: Explore the Science of Fresh Pasta!

StrEAT Smarts: Explore the Science of Fresh Pasta!

Explore the art of fresh pasta with Mano Bella Artisan Foods in this Charlotte StrEATs Smarts session.

The Market at 7th Street
Apr 3, 2023

Event Details

Join Raffaele Patrizi, Executive Chef and Owner of Mano Bella Artisan Foods, to explore the art and science behind the magic of fresh pasta! Does pasta always have to have eggs in it? What is the difference between sheeted and extruded pasta? What does "bronze die made" mean?

Chef Raffaele will answer these questions and more as you taste the difference between four distinct flours - semolina (extruded), ravioli (sheeted), rice flour pasta (gluten-free), and whole wheat (alla chitarra). You will learn what makes each one unique or better suited for certain sauces and applications. All pasta is made-from-scratch!

Option to purchase wine available.




Dec 2023