An installation that will bring you surprises, music and dance!

Levine Avenue of the Arts
Mar 31 - Apr 16, 2023

Event Details

POPO, POPUP, POPLI, POPETTE and POPOTIN are waiting for you to entice them to leave their mysterious luminous monoliths for an electrifying fiesta. There are five enigmatic monoliths where the POP! creatures live. Set them free by calling out to them, talking to them, or even by singing. As you encourage one to show itself, watch the monolith get brighter and brighter until it opens to release a creature who’s ready to put on a show. Get five people together to free the whole POP! gang at once, and you’ll get a very special surprise!

“Our interactive installation is a celebration of light, music, motion and popular culture. We hope that POP! will be a catalyst for energizing groups that inspires people to talk and collaborate. It’s a bit like a big party where people of all ages get together tossing, dance, laugh and share a little human warmth as winter settles in.” - Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Léger, creative directors, Gentilhomme


POP! by Gentilhomme, a production of Quartier des Spectacles Partnership in partnership with Jack World 

Distribution : Quartier des Spectacles international

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