Our Stories CLT Augmented Reality App Sneak Peak

Our Stories CLT Augmented Reality App Sneak Peak

Our Stories CLT is a new augmented reality game, designed with local youth, where you solve the mysteries of the Pinewood and Elmwood cemeteries.

The Historic Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery
Apr 15, 2023

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Our Stories CLT is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game where YOU become a historical detective. Explore on foot and uncover hidden documents which will help you solve the mysteries behind one of Charlotte’s oldest and largest public cemeteries. The once-segregated Pinewood and Elmwood Cemeteries are the resting places of people who shaped Charlotte’s history. Discover their often-overlooked stories through immersive AR. POTIONS & PIXELS created the app in partnership with Gökotta, City of Charlotte, Knight Foundation, & Google Fiber, and in direct collaboration with North End and West End students. Over the course of two years, the students learned about AR, helped design the game, and provided historic research.

Did you know sections of the historically black Pinewood Cemetery that appear empty to the naked eye are home to thousands of individuals who do not have headstones? This app honors these stories with AR headstones in addition to other AR experiences! These are Our Stories!

Be the first to play & meet those involved, including the students!

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