In the Light and Under the Skin

In the Light and Under the Skin

An immersive art exhibit and exploration of inherited trauma and the transformative power of light with artist/curator Brett Phares. Meditation instructor Angela Gala facilitates the lively conversation along with Charlotte therapist Justin Perry and physicist Joel Bonasera.

Apr 9, 2022

Event Details

Is it possible that a form of art could address the social challenges we face and offer paths to heal our various traumas using projected light to express unconscious, even genetic, solutions to our psycho-social maladies?

Moderator Angela Gala brings together leading thinkers and creatives to address these questions and more, starting with internationally-exhibited ambient media artist and curator Brett Phares. Discussion and real-world examples will explore how the nature of light could heal social trauma.

Join us at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art to see what Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic have described as a unique and memorable art experience! 

Doors open at 7:30pm to tour the exhibit and enjoy the cash bar. Program begins at 8pm. 




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