Easter Eggs on Parade

Easter Eggs on Parade

The SHOUT! bunnies have left us a dozen oversized Eggs decorated by twelve local artists.

Romare Bearden Park
Apr 1 - 17, 2022

Event Details

The beloved bunnies will not be hopping around 2022 Charlotte SHOUT!, but they have left a special surprise for us at Romare Bearden Park, giant eggs! You will find 12 giant eggs in Romare Bearden decorated by 12 different local artists. Learn more about the eggs below.

Easter Eggs on Parade are sponsored by:

Allen Tate | Deloitte Services LP | Duke Energy | King & Spaulding | Lincoln Harris | Moore & Van Allen | Robinson Bradshaw

The Eggs

Banana Split


Watch your step! as we pull back the bright yellow banana peel to reveal this totally transformed sculpture. Using an age-old fiber felting technique to give the illusion that we are pulling back the fruity flesh rather than cracking into this giant egg! The process begins by using sheep's wool to wet felt around the egg form. By adding a barrier to the first layer the second layer will not bind to the felt below. Allowing the top layer to be pulled back like a banana peel.

Chromatic Zems!

By Rupam Varma

A fusion of Mithila Art, Zentangle Art and candy cravings! The “Zems” combine intense tangles, intricate borders, and vivid candy colors to create a spectacular jeweled egg. Have you noticed the little ladybugs all around the egg? They wanted to be a part of the Easter Egg Parade too!

The complex patterns have been drawn freehand. The “Zems” are painted in multiple layers with shades of different colors and textures.

The colorful “Zems” blooming in the maze of tangled chains reflect the inter-dependency of our existence and our natural urge to shine bright. Enjoy this egg-creation!


By Aguinaldo Santos

Football is a sport that brings joy to thousands of people around the world. In my hometown, Recife, it's no different.

Many of the great national and international stars came from my hometown like Rivaldo, idol of a legion of fans around the world like Barcelona and Palmeiras, considered the best football player in the world by FIFA in 2000 and world champion with the Brazilian team. in 2002.

In 2022, football has arrived in Charlotte, and let's hope the stars shine in Queen City. Let's go Charlotte FC.

Monarch Party

By Pam Imhof

Monarch Party’s journey began with a few coats of spray paint in pastel colors that reminded Pam of springtime. Next, two large monarch butterflies emerged. Monarch butterflies are often found in Pam’s work to serve as a representation of growth and the beauty of life’s journey. The final element that arose was a forest of free form crochet. Pam has been experimenting with free form crochet in her art since the summer of 2021. Various crochet techniques and patterns were utilized to create each of the natural elements. This piece showcases the endless possibilities of basic hyperbolic crochet patterns.

New Beginnings

By Samia Jaramillo

Inspired in typical flowers and plants from Colombia( amapola,orquídeas, guayacan, cayena) the intention was to create contrast between black and white painting and “real” plants. Illustrating life growing out of life, but also symbolizing a self discovery/transformation process that starts when we learn to question our world view, beliefs and prejudices. A process that requires work in ourselves and time -represented with the egg starting to shed its shell and revealing its true colors, as we do when we reveal our true selves creating new ideas and beginnings.

Pysanka Triangles

By Marie Connolly

Traditional pysanky eggs (from Polish heritage) have symbolic meanings connected with beauty, fertility, rebirth, and life. Eggs would be exchanged with family and friends to wish everyone good health and prosperity at Easter.

In ancient times, a prayer would be said for each triangle, representing some aspect important to life. Triangles can also represent the Holy Trinity. Spirals represent mysteries of life and death; dots represent the stars in the heaven and that from sorrow comes unexpected blessings. The color blue symbolizes good health, truth, and fidelity, sky, air. Black symbolizes the center of the earth, eternity, the darkest time before dawn.

Queen Charlotte Easter Egg

By Lo'Vonia Parks

It’s spring and flowers are in bloom! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and Queen Charlotte is stepping out in her Sunday best! The Queen Charlotte Easter Egg is full of fun and whimsy that complements the change of our seasons. Queen Charlotte is dressed in spring colors with a bit of fun details sprinkled in her outfit. Around her neck is the dogwood flower which is the flower of North Carolina, and hornets’ nests earring to symbolize our city. She is finally ready for tea sporting an Easter basket as her headdress. Happy Spring, y’all! 


By Ricky Singh

This egg is an ode to all that our city has to offer.  See some familiar faces and organizations while also meeting some new ones.  These are your Charlotte anchors; those that help to keep us grounded in the good work!  Take a tour around our city and see all the good that is just under our nose.  Get inspired by like minded individuals that have a love and passion for the Queen City.

The Passover Egg

By Tara Spil

Passover celebrates freedom and commemorates liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. On the first night of Passover, Jewish people all over the world have a Passover seder. Seder is Hebrew for order and ritual. One item on the seder plate is an egg, representing life’s on-going cycle. The un-ending shape of the egg reminds us that even in our darker moments, we are on our way back to the top. The Passover egg included in Charlotte Shout uses the Star of David, to create an order of patterns that stand for freedom and resilience.


By Luvly Moon

The Moon Tigress is inspired by my perspective of 2022 year of the Tiger. The colors representing energy and frequencies I am inviting into the year, juxtaposed against the solid black illustrations which shows the back of the Tiger as it floats through the clouds and an eye and mouth in their own distorted windows as this year feels like we are disjointed and piecing together understanding.

Welcome Y'all

By Maria Campagna

A burst of colors thoughtfully arranged in symbols and abstract mark will delight any viewer. Some symbols will be obvious but others will require you to look and think. This mix of intentional and unintentional mark making will challenge the viewer. Color choices along with mark making allow areas of this confetti style design to remain controlled, calm while other areas seem to be in a constant state of chaos. Charlotte is experiencing unprecedented growth, the design is a welcome for all no matter where they are from or what they look like to join with us. Add your beauty, color, texture & culture on the foundation of the Queen City, Charlotte making us better, together.

Woven Reflections

By Katrina Sánchez

Woven Reflections is a vibrant and tactile take on the classic bejeweled eggs that celebrates introspection, compassion and growth. The artist has wrapped the egg in a gridded cage-like pattern using their soft, plushy “knitted noodles”. In between the woven spaces of the overlapping knitte noodles, the egg is encrusted with dozens of miniature mirrors, arranged in growing radial patterns creating a fragmented reflection of the viewer and their surroundings. The viewers are encouraged to reflect inwards with open minds, as they view the piece, creating space to be soft and tender with themselves and the world.



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