Charlotte Earth Day 2023

Become an EARTH Kid!

First Ward Park
Apr 15, 2023

Event Details

Welcome to Charlotte Earth Day 2023 produced by the OMIMEO Mime Theatre for Charlotte SHOUT! Free & Open to the public, CED is an interactive, science-based Family Learning Celebration designed for families and students age 5-15 yrs. to expand their understanding of Earth's interconnected ecosystems through hands-on activities with professional Educators, Artists, and Scientists. All participating students will receive an "Operating Manual for SpaceShip Earth" with which to explore four environmentally oriented Knowledge Stations to better understand the Water, Air, Land, and Energy systems that make all Life on Earth possible. Exhibitors from different green businesses will share their products and insights as to how we can become involved personally and collectively, in the solutions for many of our pressing environmental challenges.



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