CAN I KICK IT? presents “The Matrix”

Classic martial arts movies scored live with Hip Hop and more!

Ally Main Stage at First Ward Park
Apr 15, 2023

Event Details

CAN I KICK IT? is a film experience catered to the lovers of Kung-Fu flicks, the music they inspired and everything else in between. At each event cult classic and contemporary martial arts/action films are screened and scored live (scene-by-scene) with a blend of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and more mixed by DJ 2-Tone Jones. The result is a live, remixed soundtrack to the movies using an array of DJ techniques and sound bites to accentuate different moments in the film; ranging from aggressive fight sequences to subtle dialogue scenes.

Since December 2013 over 120 different film titles have been screened at CAN I KICK IT? events that have taken place at notable institutions, venues and festivals across the map including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Smithsonian, New York Asian Film Festival, Oakland Museum of California, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Toronto Comic Arts Festival and more. On Saturday, April 15 they will be returning to the Charlotte SHOUT Festival for a special screening of one of the greatest sci-fi action films of all time, The Matrix.


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