Shekinah Kreative

Shekinah Williams, a born and raised Charlottean, got into design because of her grandmother. She always admired her grandmother's work and developed a love for her sewing machine - although her grandmother never taught her how to sew, she had a lot of influence on Shekinah’s journey. Her grandmother made her mother's wedding dress and taught her father how to sew, which he passed down to Shekinah.

These events increased her passion for fashion which led her to further my education in fashion design. After getting her degree, she got her first job in the industry doing alterations for a retail company. This job helped her perfect her craft as well as taught her new techniques. She’s continued to expand her craft by interning with a wedding dress designer where she came to understand the formal wear aspect of fashion design. She is thankful for all the experiences and opportunities that have been given to her; they've added to her craft and made her the designer she is today. She even has a brand she built with that knowledge called The Kinah. This brand was created with style and recycled materials. Over years of experience in the fashion industry, she learned that 85 percent of the clothing people donate and get rid of makes it to landfills. The Kinah does their part to recreate and not waste by giving clients one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to their individuality. Along with the brand, Shekinah continues to spread awareness of the importance of upcycling and teach people how to revamp their clothing with simple sewing and a lot of creativity.



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