Riggsbee Road

Launched in 2020, this Raleigh, North Carolina-based band is taking the live music scene by storm with their genre-bending, high-energy show!

Riggsbee Road is a group of all-female artists who grew up on gospel and grew into a love for all music. Their signature style is earthy Americana, neo traditional country, powerful harmonies, and heart. Their show delivers the kind of variety that includes Jax TikTok pop, Glen Campbell & Dolly Parton old country, Amy Winehouse soul, Fleetwood Mac & Bruce Springsteen classics, Maren Morris modern country, and more – all reworked with their unique and memorable bluegrass flavor. They recast old time music in a new way and new music in an old time way.

They belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

When audiences gather to hear Riggsbee Road, it’s an event. They say things like “You’ve got to see Riggsbee Road. It felt like they were having a party and we got invited!” Or, “I planned to leave after the first set, but I didn’t because I wanted to hear what they would play next. It was SO GOOD!” Their emotionally stirring ballads are personal, available, with so much control you can hear the air. Their upbeat tunes make it tough to stay in your seat! Their song variety keeps audiences anticipating what’s next, not knowing if they'll be slamming electric, bowing the cello, thumping the standup, or singing 4 parts harmony a cappella. It’s a fantastic show you don’t want to miss!

They’re storytellers, fire-ballers, and passionate voices for women in the music industry. Each one of them is a star in their own right: featured in national media for their artistry and accomplishments, highly educated in music, awarded for songwriting and performance, playing the largest stages in the Southeast, and sharing them with some of the biggest names in music. Riggsbee Road is a powerhouse of talent and fun to watch!

Band members are: Shelley Kelly (lead vocals), Skye Pixton (vocals, banjo, guitar), Laura Schuchart (vocals, keys), Amy Hall (drums), Megan Maloney (electric bass, upright bass, cello), Sarah Hollis (vocals, fiddle), and Monika Jaymes (guitar). They are working to release their first original with their unique signature new grass sound in 2024, with more to follow.