Rebecca Lipps

Rebecca Lipps is an artist and educator cultivating interactive experiences by combining sculpture and video. She loves pushing the boundaries of technology and art making to create a new form of expression. It is also important for her to impact her community by making public art, teaching classes, and involving herself in arts organizations around Charlotte.
Rebecca’s love for technology started during her studies at Winthrop University where she received her Master of Fine Arts for video installation. She combines video technology with sculpture to transition the way we interact with video in our society. Rebecca enjoys using projection mapping to change the shape of video and layering it like a collage.
The interactive portions of her work are important to her to cultivate community engagement. Rebecca wants her viewers to touch, play, and experience multiple senses of her artwork. She also engages the community through her freelance painting classes and through her classroom with her students. Rebecca is on the board for Talking Walls Mural Festival and other arts organizations around Charlotte. Her goal is to impact her community by collaborating with other artists to create events and experiences for the public.