El Lambert

Born in Washington, D.C, but raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia, El Lambert has always loved music, creativity, and the world of entrepreneurship. Since the age of 3, El has been an accomplished singer, multi-instrumentalist, and even studied dance and stage performance.  In his early Teen years, be began writing and producing collaboratively with local artists and musicians in his area. This allowed him to develop his skills in the studio, but gave him the experience to start his first business at an early age.  After attending West Virginia University as a Business student, El moved to DC to grow his brand from being a talented college kid to an established artist and business owner. During these years, he was able to curate impactful experiences as well as share the stage with many of his musical and entertainment heroes.  Living in DC for almost 5 years, El was ready to expand his skills and talents, so he moved to Charlotte, NC in 2017.  Since moving to Charlotte, El has been blessed to perform at hundreds of events each year and has built a brand as both an entertainer and community builder. One of his proudest achivements was launching Communities In Concert in 2020. Because of this program, they were able to give over $100,000 directly to Charlotte’s music community through paid performances across the city.  El always strives to #ELevate and encourage others through sharing his experiences of success and failure, while never hesitating to help people achieve better results as we all continue grow together.