Eddie Bueno

Bueno, doesn’t it just roll of the tongue? Imparting a sense of everything good and right.

With a namesake like that it’s no wonder that Eddy Bueno, the creator of this year’s featured AYA art piece, has blossomed into a multi-disciplinary maestro.

Eddy has of way of capturing his expansive visions of a complete and beautiful world. Translating those dreams digitally; bringing them to life with his industrial laser cutter, 3D printer, lighting, projector, and custom transformational content.

A self-taught artist in every medium he uses, Eddy is the sole creator of every aspect of his inspiring creations, from seed to flower. The level of intricate artistry that is applied to each and every layer and detail of his creations is unparalleled in his field. From the beautifully crafted, multi-dimensional structures he assembles to use as his canvases, to the mind-bending visual content he creates to paint upon them, he uses a vast array of skill sets (both analog and digital), to fully create the entire complex universe of his vision.

Born in Santa Cruz and raised outside of Detroit, Eddy now resides in the majestic Appalachian Mountains of WNC, alongside his equally quirky and creative wife, teenage daughters, loyal dog and feisty cats... as well as 27 chickens.

Eddy lives a full and blessed life, that is balanced both within nature and inside the digital playground humanity has entered. Taking inspiration equally from these two complex and rich environments, Eddy uses them both to bring to life a world where we can abundantly and playfully thrive in harmony. Sharing his inspired vision of form, light, balance, and beauty with the world.