Dana Fuchs

American Dana Fuchs is one of the most coveted blues rock stars in the world today. She is a phenomenon of a singer who, with her hypnotic voice and presence, has led critics to compare her to both Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger.

Dana Fuchs is rock, soul, gospel, and blues in a wonderful mix, and is delivered with raw empathy and energy that has captured a large audience all over the world. She can be both deeply sensitive, vulnerable, and gentle on stage, while at the same time she can be powerful and intense. Her records receive fantastic reviews, and she has been in the top 10 on the world's most important sales list - Billboard in the USA. In addition to an impressive music career, she is also a widely used actress, with the cult film ‘Across the Universe’, which was nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globe Awards as perhaps the most famous.

Today, Dana returns to her Southern Rock roots and her home label, Ruf Records to deliver the rawest, rockingest, musical offering of her album-making career. With this release, Borrowed Time, we are treated to a deliciously dangerous collection of incredible songs and lyrics that run the gamut from barn-burning rockers to tearjerking ballads, and we find Dana, the singer-songwriter, at the top of her game, a master of her craft, supported by a cast of dangerous musicians who have managed to capture the tornado in a bottle intensity, urgency, power, restraint and passion of Dana's live show on a studio album. Produced by Bobby Harlow at Black River House, nestled in rural Croswell. MI, a midwestern factory town that provided the ideal setting for Dana to unleash her American roots, rock & soul.

With songs that emphasize support and sisterhood during times of struggle, Borrowed Time is an album for the present, inspired by the incendiary music of the past. "This marks the beginning of Chapter 2, in music as well as in life," says Fuchs. "I'm going out into the world and writing about the people who share it with me. My own story is always going to be in there, too, but this is the first album where other people's stories are informing my own emotions."

Get ready for a rockin' ride!

Dana Fuchs | Borrowed Time available everywhere now, on Ruf Records (04/29/22)