Anuja Jain

Anuja Jain, an embodiment of cultural fusion and artistic expression, is the creative genius this project Birdhouse Forest. Hailing from India, her artistic odyssey finds inspiration in the rich heritage of her homeland, where colors, stories, and traditions entwine seamlessly.
Mandalas, intricate geometric patterns that symbolize the universe’s harmony, serve as the heart and soul of her artistic expression. With a dual mastery in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Anuja’s journey might seem to stem from the scientific realm, yet her true passion resides in the world of artistic creation. As a dedicated mother, she rekindled her childhood love for painting, which evolved into an unquenchable flame that led her to the captivating realm of mandalas.
Mandalas, ancient symbols of unity and tranquility, serve as a meditative gateway into Anuja’s artistry. What began as a meditative practice swiftly transformed into a method of channeling healing energy through her art.