Anuja Jain

Anuja Jain describes herself as a Visual and performing artist. She got fascinated with arts at a very young age. She is a self-taught Mandala artist and dancer, who hails from India. Through her work she seeks to share her rich cultural heritage, it's beauty and diversity with the audience.

What started as an innocent childhood hobby, rekindled as a passion when she moved to USA. She started making mandalas as a meditative method. But soon she was really intrigued by the details, methods and meaning behind various mandalas. During this amazing journey of self-exploration and expressionism, she started experimenting with vivid textures, hues and materials. She feels like her work is not bound to any specific medium/surface, rather anything with a blank space became her canvas.
She is known to create freehand intricate, vibrant, and vivid mandala artworks, without using any stencils.
Her creative mission is to introduce this meditative art form in the lives of her audience.