The Luminous Lane Soundtrack

Luminous Lane
Mar 29 - Apr 14, 2024

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The Luminous Lane Soundtrack, curated by local songwriter, producer, composer, and soundscape artist Emily Sage, unfolds as a captivating two-part project. Inspired by themes and artists found in the alleyway, the music weaves instrumental tales of wonder, hope, grief, and love. Featuring a diverse array of artists, both national and international, the collection notably highlights numerous female composers.

Part one of the soundtrack mirrors the essence of sunrise, while part two transitions seamlessly into the serenity of a starry night. As the composition delves into darker tones in part two, echoes of the brighter conceptual themes from part one emerge, symbolizing the transformative act of bringing light to dark places.

Emily Sage, reflecting on the project, expresses, "Within ourselves and within society at large, there are corners that are dark and maybe even unwanted or neglected. I love the idea of not just dispelling the darkness, but of infusing light into those spaces—to see clearly, to remember and create in response, to learn and grow, and to invite people into something truly beautiful."

The title track, "Luminous Lane," composed by Emily Sage, becomes a sonic journey enriched by sounds captured during the creation of the entire Luminous Lane project, further adding depth and authenticity to this immersive musical experience.

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Luminous Lane

100 East 4th Street
Charlotte, NC 28280

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