Melody of Spring!

Melody of Spring!

Disc Plaza
Mar 29 - Apr 14, 2024

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Melody of Spring! celebrates the fusion of art, music, and eco-consciousness. Let’s explore the elements that make this creation truly unique. 

Mithila art adorns the xylophone’s frame on the sides. This ancient folk art from the Mithila region of India brings vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and cultural storytelling to our musical masterpiece. Each creative stroke of the brush tells a tale of cultural heritage and its interplay with nature. 

Charlotte skyline graces the upper section of the xylophone. Silhouettes of iconic buildings reach toward the heavens! 

 Sustainability is our heartbeat. The xylophone has elements that are crafted from reclaimed materials. 

When the wooden mallet strikes the bars, listen closely. The xylophone whispers melodies inspired by the wind rustling through the trees, the laughter of children at play, and the heartbeat of our community. 

This is a symphony of renewal and connection. 

Venue Information

Disc Plaza

100 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

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