Luminous Lane

Luminous Lane

Luminous Lane
Mar 29 - Apr 14, 2024

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Bringing Light to Dark Places

Luminous Lane is an alleyway located half a block away from Tryon Street, connecting 3rd Street and 4th Street, that has been covered with murals, paste-ups, fiber art, and more. The project began as part of Charlotte SHOUT! Spray Jam in 2023 with the theme “Bringing Light to Dark Places” and curated by Sydney Duarte and Treazy Treaz.

The purpose of the project was to transform a forgotten, unappealing space into a vibrant, contemporary arts destination to showcase the talent of the local creative community. The alleyway has been fully transformed and is now referred to as Luminous Lane. Luminous Lane is an exemplary example of what can be created when artists are supported and given the space and opportunity.

At the beginning of the Charlotte SHOUT! Festival, 27 artists were planned to contribute to Luminous Lane. This number quickly grew and by the end of the festival, 42 artists contributed to the alleyway. Many of these artists donated their time and skill to the project to be part of this innovative and moving transformation in Uptown Charlotte. The artwork in Luminous Lane has been dedicated as the artists' love note to the city that will permanently live on for years to come. You can learn more about the artists and their murals below.

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Luminous Lane

100 East 4th Street
Charlotte, NC 28280

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