Indie Fest at Gateway Village

Indie Fest at Gateway Village

Charlotte's favorite independent artists perform live as Indie Fest takes over the Gateway Village outdoor stage.

Gateway Village
Apr 8, 2022

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Artist: @plutogangband 

Artist: @Swiminthewild 

Artist: @Braxtonbateman

Artist: @Nataliecarrmusic

Artist: @oceanicofficial

Artist: @DJfanniemae

Event Production: @eaglenestmgmt @Arentertains

Light Artists: @evolvingartist @blakebarrett

Photography: @jakerothwell @shadow.muse @ricomarcelophoto


Charlotte SHOUT! celebrates art, music, ideas and FOOD in the Queen City. Looking at this photo from @clt.remedy taken at @cltstreatsfestival is making us hungry for more!⁣ ⁣ 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🙋🏼‍♂️Raise your hand in the comments if you’re ready to take a bite out of SHOUT! 2023!⁣ ⁣ NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM⁣ ⁣ Posted @withregram • @clt.remedy We LITERALLY made a U-turn when we saw @jimmypstreetshackclt parked at the Gateway Village the other night during @cltshout and they'll be back TODAY + TOMORROW to serve up some more good eats!!!! YES. It was that moment in the car you go 🛑🛑🛑, skkkkkrrrrrttt. ⤵️ Jimmy Pearls and many other food trucks will be at CLT SHOUT: for the line-up and deets, head to @cltshout 🦪💙: More about @jimmypearlsclt We were planning on strolling through Tryon Street to take in all of the 🧠 IDEAS 🎶 MUSIC 🍽️ FOOD 🎨 ART Thursday night but we immediately had to get ourselves some of that Uncle Gene's Fish Sandwich soon as we saw their 💙 blue food truck parked. You've heard us say it before and we will say it again: 🗣️📣 THIS fish sandwich is THE FISH SANDWICH! 🤤😋. We also had to try the GET YOUR ROLL ON: which featured clam strips Thurs night. Y'ALL! Yum! Also, it was Grayson's first ever clam and he LOVED it! Just don't tell him he had clams 😜😆!!!

Aug 2022