Von Jeter

Von is an artist who has embraced the idea that art should never fit inside a box. His work can’t be pinned to one medium or style often living in a class of its own. Whatever the outcome of his creative process, you will find love, truth, and joy woven throughout.

“Conformity is a casualty to one’s essence.”

Born and raised in Asheville, N.C, Von was surrounded by various forms of creativity. It seemed inevitable for him to start on a path that allowed him to express at his leisure. Throughout childhood and into adulthood, drawing/Illustration was his focus. Post-education he dabbled with photography, as well as storytelling in the form of Children’s Books and Comics. This exploration, he discovered a safe haven in abstract painting with a hint of “toon”.

“The free flow of painting without structure brings a level of peace and satisfaction that I have not always experienced.”

His work today is comprised of youth-centric art work; focusing on representation and diversity.

Von currently reside in Charlotte, N.C. where he most recently showcased his work at GoodYear Arts.