Treazy Treaz

Treazy Treaz is an artist from Brisbane, Australia. Treazy’s roots are connected deep in the underground, and like all trees, he is constantly growing towards the light into a greater expression of creativity. With 20+ years, painting has played a pinnacle role in his life, teaching him priceless gems about the values of freedom, friendships, and keeping an out-of-the-box state of mind. This has allowed him to travel the world extensively, leaving a colorful legacy from the deep catacombs of the Paris subway to the dense bio-diversity of the Amazon Jungle. In this time of great change, Treazy is on a mission! He’s here to stand for freedom and spread a message of peace, love and light. With artwork designed to inspire and uplift the spirit, he’s channeling energy towards humanity’s awakening and a positive brighter, more colorful future!