Sydney Duarte

Spray Jam

Sydney Duarte is a Change Agent, Adventure Enthusiast, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Leader, Muralist, Immersive Art Installation Artist, Graphic Designer, Owner at Duarte Designs and creator of all things magic. Sydney is an interdisciplinary artist who creates to elicit multi-sensory experiences through her work. Engaging the audience in play through her large scale murals and interactive art installations. She enhances each new environment by adding 3D and illusionary elements to transform the most unlikely of spaces. Her work with art and yoga go hand in hand by bringing community together to spark inspiration + ignite healing within everyone that she comes in contact with. She guides others to step out of their comfort zones to embrace new experiences and live a life they love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow

Sydney’s style is for students who would like to experience play, strength and exploration. Linking breath with movement, from one pose to another, mixing vinyasa flow with deeper, restorative stretch postures. She encourages others to live, dance, breathe with intention while opening up to the relationship between physical body awareness, internal reflection and the free-flow energy in that moment of balance on our mats. She is here to help you ENJOY the journey, every step of the way.