Nildinha Fonseca from Salvador, Bahia holds the title of soloist with Brazil’s premier regional dance company, the Balé Folclórico da Bahia. She is responsible for training the company in modern dance techniques, Afro-Brazilian traditional and contemporary dance as well as conducting master classes when the company tours. She began her dance training at the well-known SESC School of Dance and Music under the tutelage of Raimundo B. dos Santos, aka Mestre King. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from the Federal University of Bahia, has a certificate in the Silvestre technique, studied ballet with José Carlos Arandiba, aka Zebrinha, and studied African dance with Chuck Davis and Germaine Acogny and modern dance with Judith Jamison. Nildinha has extensive touring experience performing in Brazil, throughout Europe, and in over 120 cities in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. She has been a guest instructor at California Brazil Camp in Northern California and taught in Viver Brasil’s Bahia Travel program. She has performed as a guest artist with Viver Brasil since 2009