Moriah Linton is an upcoming Christian singer-songwriter from North Carolina. The Artist has captured the hearts of many through her dynamic vocals, heart-wrenching lyrics, and innovative melodies. Recently, Moriah released a new song titled, "POST" (with a music video coming out in a couple of weeks!). "POST" is a song that reminds those who feel powerless that they are indeed powerful in Christ. Her biggest influence and inspiration can be in her life or others lives. However, her largest influence in music is the Holy Spirit. She is a firm believer that the Lord gives her the songs and she is just the vessel to carry out the message. One scripture that has impacted her life and coincides with the hardship she's been through to get to this point in her music is Matthew 19:26 "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible". - Jesus 

Moriah has been progressing in the gift of singing and songwriting since she was a child. With this gift she has been able to sing in front of thousands of people. What sets the Artist apart is not just her powerful vocals, but her passion and drive to be a light to anyone, in any season of life. Her fan base ("Warriors") has also stated they enjoyed the way Moriah coherently seeks new ways to show the freedom that we have in music through Christ. Her diversified styles in music range from Hip- Hop to R&B to Pop to even a traditional sound. Moriah has also had some memorable moments as well from performing in a showcase called "Synergysm" hosted by Elijah Rosario to preforming at an event called "Darkness Rising" that advocates and spreads awareness on black mental health. 

Currently, Moriah is working on an upcoming album in 2023 and is working on her second single from the album. This is just the beginning for Moriah. So, keep a look out for her! As she will be performing in events within the next year! She's coming with fierceness, truth, and a sword.  

Be sure to check out Moriah's recent song "POST" below. We thank you deeply for your consideration, time, love, and support.

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