Melissa Crosson

Ever since I was a child, I have always admired and enjoyed making art. However, it wasn’t until my early twenties that I understood, embracing my creativity was vital. I realized that art, does indeed, inspire my mind, body, and soul. After receiving my Associate Degree in Fine Arts from Mitchell Community College in 2003, I decided to make a career out of my passion and created my first business, Nomadic Artist. I spent time traveling NC by going to different festivals and selling all styles of art that I made. After a few years of traveling, I have since settled down and now focus on making and supporting the arts for my community. I have had the opportunity to teach art to youths at the Newton Conover Auditorium (formally known as the NewArt School), as well as volunteer teaching the art club occasionally at Discovery High School in Newton. I have also done numerous commission projects (both residential and commercial) including signage for The Hen & Egg restaurant and Bax Street Jewelers in Newton, NC. My art has been showcased in numerous local businesses throughout Catawba County, NC which also includes three solo exhibits at Carolina Vines. I currently serve on the board of the Foothills Painters, have my art on display at Custom Therapy Massage in Hickory, NC while working to create future commission projects. Recently I was asked to join ArtPop Street Gallery class of 2022. It is a non profit that works on helping educate and promote artists via billboards, newstands and more. But let’s move on past formalities and get down to the main question: What kind of artist am I? I feel that art is a learning process and is constantly evolving. I do not have a particular style and I take great pride in that. I want to be as versatile as possible so I’m always pushing myself to try something new and different. From technique to subject matter, I hope to always surprise both my audience and myself! I primarily work with acrylic painting. However, I do enjoy making art using a variety of mediums such as: oils, pencil, ink, pastels, and mixed media.