Mary Kamerer

Mary Kamerer is an award-winning artist oil painter in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her works have been the culmination of many years of various creative pursuits, and instruction under many nationally known artists. Mary was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and, after graduating with a degree from UNCC and raising a family, she began painting in oils.

The Carolinas afford a beautiful variety of landscapes, from the mountains to the sea, and she's enchanted with capturing the charm and simplicity of life in the South. An emphasis on light and shadows can be seen in Mary's impressionistic paintings of landscapes as well as still lifes in her studio at Dilworth Artisan Station. Her works have been seen in American Art Collector, Frederickburg Literary Review, Art Guide Artists Directory, Ballantyne Magazine, VoyageATL, SouthPark Magazine, QC Exclusive, and Pennsylvania English magazines. Most recently, the image of one of her kintsugi paintings, "Scars are Golden", was published in the newsletter for Cochrane, a British organization of healthcare workers and scientists distributing the latest in healthcare information.