Maria Velez Campagna

Growing up, I remember going with my Mother and Grandmother to fabric stores, spending what could be hours. Picking out patterns, fabrics and notions. I would find myself touching every bolt unwrapping them only to get taught how to properly fold them so the design shows perfectly for the next person. After getting bored my Mother would suggest that I fix the bolts that some other shopper messed up—-now I know this was to keep me busy and out of trouble! We were a crafty bunch, sewing, embroidery and cross stitching. My desire to be an artist was not something that shocked anyone. My career as an artist was detoured when I had my two sons but I found creative freedom in scrapbooking our family photos. Returning to a career painting happened by a ‘happy accident’ and I have not looked back. I have made a practice of creating something every day and it all paid off when I found the career of surface designer. I was over joyed knowing that I would be creating those beautiful designs that would adorn wonderful fabrics and papers. Thus the name Cotton and Wood Designs.