Maria Napier

Maria Napier is a Colombian-American artist who considers Charlotte, NC her home. Her first experiences as an artist developed as a need to express and confront her inner fears from a very early age. Maria’s style has evolved into what she calls a “Deconstructed Style” and it continues to evolve into her own unique way of expression by mixing different approaches to art into cohesive, colorful, and almost surreal illustrations. Maria uses art as a way to create thought-provoking pieces that can inspire people to open their minds and seek other avenues of thinking, touching on topics of mental health and social equality.  As a self-taught artist, she works primarily in acrylics, pencil/charcoal, and digital art, and experiments with 3D sculptures and the use of recycled materials.  She also enjoys designing murals, the most recent of which you can see at The Neighborhood Theater in Noda, and Anuvia Recovery center in Charlotte, NC, and she has participated in many public projects in the Charlotte area.  Maria has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte which she uses to understand human behavior and thought processes and expresses her observations through art.

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