Luana Salucci - Qi Flow

Known for being deep, intentional and uplifting, Luana’s classes are a mix of techniques where movement and mindfulness play together (Yoga, Qigong, Taichi, breath awareness, alignment exploration, relaxation, dance and meditation)

Through these teachings, Luana has learned that we all need to be aware of our needs first, and then we can work to relax, strengthen, and elevate ourselves. The class begins with some Qigong exercises, to awaken and prepare the body for some holding postures and Yoga movements. Depending on the energy of the day, some dance/cardio movement or deeper breathwork will be included. She’ll guide you through slower movements, stretching, body awareness and guided meditation to close the flow. She is here to help support you in connecting deeper to yourself while remembering the key elements of having fun and relaxing.