With folksy roots, enveloped by droning soundscapes, Low Groves tiptoes the lines of traditional folk and indie rock while exploring themes of longing and loss. The project was formed out of necessity. After losing his last living grandparent and being laid off from his day job with the Chicago White Sox in 2020, he retreated to his vacant grandparents’ house in Chicago to gather belongings and determine his next move. He emerged with the 10 songs that would comprise his debut album: Drifter. After a break from music, he arrived in Charlotte, NC where he would play these songs around the local music scene where “Eliana”, has become a favorite. 2023 has been a busy year for him as he's opened for Adam Melchor during his Here Goes Nothing! Tour, will perform at Charlotte SHOUT! Festival, and released his first song ("Baltimore") since his debut album in 2021.

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