Karla - Your Light Matters - Guided Meditation

Karla is a Usui Reiki Master, here to remind others of their light within! Conducting soul healings using a blend of reiki + crystal energy, instruments, and the unique frequency of each participant. Every session is unique, as your soul is one of a kind!

Time exploring your Higher Self and being open to receive Divine Messages can offer direction and nourishment to the mind, body + spirit. Truly honored by the opportunity to hold sacred space for others, as she has seen first-hand how the healing of one offers healing to the world. Here's to healing + embracing our light within!

This class will focus on an energetic scan and reset for the body (Neck, Throat, Heart and Hip openers) to help release anything that is causing emotional/physical discomfort dis-ease or blockage + clear away anything that is no longer serving you.