Jodi Lynn McNeely

Jodi Lynn has always been driven by a desire to paint something, make something, or fix something. Her Industrial Design Degree, ceramics education and free form carvings have emerged as her signature style, creating unique ceramic pieces with structural integrity and aesthetic interest. Influenced by Mexican and Chinese Folk Art, her brightly colored work often includes repurposed wrought iron. Jodi Lynn’s pottery and ceramics capture the magic of story-telling and the human connection of friendship, family and community that develops as we journey through this thing called life. The vibrant, whimsical colors, and rich carvings of human connection are influenced by her own journey from the desert Southwest in the U.S. to mainland China where she adopted her two daughters. A form of journaling, her carvings many times feature people she has met on her journey. Jodi Lynn is a Charlotte, NC transplant from Texas by way of New Mexico.