Emily Andress

Emily T Andress graduated from William Woods University in 1979 with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art with concentrations in printmaking and painting. Early on in her career, Emily chose the path of printmaking and developed a style recognizable as her own. Utilizing plenty of negative space, vivid color, and black line, the work proved to be popular in the US and abroad provided a good living for 25 years. Feeling uninspired by a style that had changed very little since the mid ‘80’s, Emily took a hiatus from printmaking and worked towards finding her style in oil painting. Drawn to the innovations in art that happened in turn of the century Paris, Emily traveled there to become inspired by the voices from another time. In particular, the uniqueness of Modigliani and the color use of the fauvists and German expressionists proved to be the inspiration to find that new identifying style. Recently she has been working with master painters to bring deeper meaning to her work. By including her line work from her printmaking days into her paintings, Emily’s style is, once again, instantly recognizable as her own. Emily’s work has been shown nationally and internationally in group and solo shows. She looks forward to another month long residency in Ireland and also one in Paris in 2017.