Daniella Ivanova

This year's Poster Competition winner is Daniella Ivanova. You will see this year's poster on the program, a mural, and more!

Born in Ukraine, Daniella moved to the U.S. at the age of 13. Studying in Charlotte, she obtained an Associates in Engineering. Surprisingly enough, she never took professional or accredited art classes. She believes that practice and a keen eye are the best teachers. Systematic classes may sometimes even stagger creativity and personal style, as happened to her mom back in Ukraine where she went to art school for several years. She was the one to introduce Daniella to art and ignite her passion for it. From there on, Daniella simply exercised her perception skills to achieve realism in her art. The most intriguing experience she had was figuring out how to switch her vision from 3D to 2D, to see objects in the world as outlined on a page. She always strives to learn more, that's why she doesn't have a specific media, she loves variety and mixing different mediums. Mostly she draws from the heart, whatever feels right. 

The art styles Daniella practices vary and are hard to pinpoint sometimes. She enjoys realistic paintings, simple sketching, abstract compositions, but one thing that remains throughout is that the object of the picture is always human. Be it face or body, Daniella strives to show emotion through her art, every piece has a heart behind it. Daniella wishes to create an atmosphere, almost like a room with its own vibe, in every artwork. From acrylics to aquarelle, to colored pencils, alcohol-based markers, silk painting, digital, and much more.