Claire Kiester

Claire Kiester is a fiber artist and printmaker from Chapel Hill, NC. She has recently completed her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and now resides in Charlotte, NC. Claire uses printmaking and weaving to search for deep emotional connections hidden in everyday objects. Through exploratory drawing, and layering color, texture, and form, she creates prints and fiber works that reveal embedded personal memories. She wants people to find happiness in her work and be reminded of the joy found in everyday life. The chosen products and objects reference specific periods in her life, such as common foods that were in her lunchbox growing up, family board games, and college cooking ingredients. Risograph and screen-printing techniques allow her to replicate hand-made drawings and reduce objects into simple color layers. This reduction transforms and object and moves a viewer’s focus away from the physical form and what is immediately visible. Her work is searching for deeper emotional connections that can’t be seen.