Carlito Quartz

Carlito Quartz, is a highly-inspired creative, solely focused and specializing in large-scale contemporary muralism, as an artist, creative director, curator and producer. Having traveled the world since 2005 and visiting over 40 countries, he has created significant artworks across the US, South America, Europe and Australia, totalling over 100 murals in public and private spaces. As a co-founder of The Mural Co., he has facilitated as a curator, creative director and producer over 250 mural projects, alongside 50+ world leading mural artists. Working with latex, acrylic and spray paint, Carlito likens his process to that of a sculptor: intuitively carving away at the wall with the paint to reveal the final piece. Inspired by his adventures; connecting with people from different environments, places, languages and cultures, his artwork seeks to share the universal message of gratitude, beauty, connection and celebration. Embedded in his artwork and process is always the intention to connect with place, engage and inspire audiences, and beautify, transform & activate spaces.