BRAVE Entertainment began with two gifted ladies; Raven Stevens and Britney Hughes. Being heavily involved in the music scene, in the Charlotte area as singers and background vocalist, for over 20 years, Raven and Britney created the company to capitalize on their experience as musicians. BRAVE Entertainment began with hosting a live music event, bringing together a culmination of gifted artists and musicians, giving them the ideal platform to express their artistic and creative abilities.

Brave Entertainment's purpose is to provide, promote and carry out every entity that falls under the umbrella of music, fine arts and entertainment. To include but are not limited to Songwriting, event hosting, entertainment outsourcing, live performances and live/studio background vocals. It was through this union of Brave Entertainment that ""Brave the Artist"" was formed.

Coining the phrase ""I Am Brave"", Brave is a force to be reckoned with. Booking shows and releasing their own music, they've become artist within their own right. The name Brave to them is not just merely a word but a lifestyle. Being Brave to these ladies is simply an act and attitude of freedom; Doing what they love in the presence of fear.