Angela Lubinecky

When you look at my art you will find glimpses into where life has taken me. I was raised in a multicultural expatriate community in East Africa and was exposed to a variety of influences. Life and all its international flavors led to the basis of my visual expression of life.
My inspiration ranges from the bright colors and patterns I saw printed on Kenyan “Maridadi” fabrics, to the colorful Tinga Tinga paintings from Tanzania. No doubt I was influenced by the bold East African batiks in Uganda. Equally inspiring were summers spent at the beach and afternoons splashing in the water under the equatorial sun.
The repetitive shapes and patterns found in nature, especially water, are a constant resource for me. I think repetition is soothing and an important element of composition. My art is about color and all its positive and life affirming attributes. My palette is always bright and vivid. To me color signifies life and an expression of the beauty and joy found in it. It is a reflection of my family’s optimism, sense of adventure and embrace of everything life has to offer.
My intention is to evoke a feeling of excitement by using these elements and subject matter. I want the viewer to be transported to a more carefree, bright and peaceful place - even if it’s just for a moment.