Amigo & Amigo

“Amigo & Amigo" is not a person, or a business, it is the act of coming together as a group of positive talented personalities. A group of people excited and empowered to share ideas and work towards a common goal of squeezing feelings out of people they are yet to meet. ” Amigo & Amigo founded by Simone Chua in 2012 - is a Sydney, Shanghai, and Las Vegas based artist studio with an extensive background in sculpture and Industrial Design. Passionate about lighting and experimental forms, our body of work showcases our ability to use light and materials to transform spaces and engage the public. Ever important to be playful, engaging, and inclusive. Our desire, creativity, and technical proficiency, has led our projects to become larger in scale and technical complexity. Our artistic vision is to continuously explore the transformation of environments into memorable experiences, inviting real audience interaction with the work. The amigos’ installation work has been featured internationally throughout Asia , North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. Extensive examples can be viewed at

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