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Don’t miss inspiring visual and performing art, thanks to our art sponsor, Lowe’s.  

Art is instrumental in the vibrancy of our city. It transforms streets, buildings, sidewalks, and alleyways into canvasses to tell the story of its inhabitants. It breathes energy into our Center City and invites visitors to stay a little while longer.   

Charlotte SHOUT! spotlights internationally- and locally acclaimed artists all throughout Uptown. Discover dozens of interactive installations and exciting pieces that will be sure to inspire your own creative side.   

Art Installations

The following Art Installations will be on display throughout Charlotte SHOUT!, March 31 - April 16. 

Meet the Artists

View the list of all artists participating at Charlotte SHOUT! 2023.

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Poster Competition 2023

The winner of the Charlotte SHOUT! 2023 Poster Competition is "Be Heard" by Daniella Ivanova. 

"I wanted to convey the creative artistic nature of Charlotte. Every time I visit Uptown, I see all sorts of beautiful murals all over the walls. I wanted to recreate some of that street art style and add bright and popping colors. The inspiration behind the subject of my piece is the SHOUT! festival itself and all its creative and talented people who come to express their art form and receive recognition. I thought that it's a perfect opportunity to connect the name "shout" to the actual purpose of the festival. The woman shouting conveys both striving to be heard and a call to action, almost like a battle cry. Be heard. That is what I believe we all need in today's age. Everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen, and we oftentimes don't feel understood when we are trying to express ourselves. My hope is that by coming to the festival, all creative forms will be recognized and seen for their worth." - Daniella Ivanova